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Phase 3 Powersafe Connector Price Reductions

Significant price reductions on all of our Phase 3 Powersafe items are now permanently in place.

New High Performance ADC/DAC Module from GE

GE Intelligent Platforms has recently announced the ICS-1572A ADC/DAC (Analog-Digital Converter/Digital-Analog Converter) transceiver XMC module.

GE Intelligent Platforms announces Carrier Card

GE Intelligent Platforms has recently announced the SPR418A PCI Express PMC/XMC Carrier Card.

Miniature Rugged Automatic Video Tracker

GE Intelligent Platforms has recently announced the ADEPT3000 miniature rugged automatic video tracker.

Dewetron Introduces the "DEWE-3020" Portable Measurement Instrument

The portable DEWE-3020 is the smallest, rugged “All-in-One” measurement system for galvanically isolated amplifiers.

Metromatics: Manufacturers of the MetroSpec Rugged Industrial 12.1” Panel

Australia faces a multitude of harsh conditions in different environments and finding a reliable PC product to operate in these conditions is even harder.

Expanded RF Power Switch Product Range with QN and QMA Interfaces

As the exclusive distributor of Radiall products, Rojone is proud to announce the expansion of Radiall’s RF Power Switch product range with QN and QMA interfaces featuring fast and easy snap-on Quick Lock technology.

New Bosch fixed thermal IP cameras

A full 24/7 solution combining outstanding thermal image quality with Bosch advanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), these cameras deliver the same high level of performance regardless of lighting conditions.

NEW Deutsch DTV Series

Deutsch's new DTV Series of connectors offer the same time-tested reliability and performance as the DT Series, with the added flexibility of an 18 cavity design.

Deutsch DRC Multipin Connectors

The Deutsch DRC Series is completely environmentally sealed, using silicone seals and wire grommets that withstand engine and transmission temperatures.

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